Through art, we open the topic of divorces in Czech society. 
This life situation is still perceived as a part of life that is not openly discussed.
We want there to be more discussion about divorces. We have encountered it ourselves, whether with our parents, friends, or in our own marriages. Along with it comes a period full of intense emotions and disorientation, not only during the process itself but also within ourselves.
We want complicated relationship situations to be talked about with greater openness and ease. We aim for the whole experience to hurt the least those who deserve it the least - the children. We see art as a non-intrusive form that does not blame or dictate to anyone, but purely helps and points out.

Project ROZ-VOD includes:
a website that explains the project in depth as well as offers useful tips to people who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

a book called "Rozvod šestkrát jinak"
A Journey with No Return. Loss of certainty. But perhaps also liberation. Divorce can have various aspects. This collection of short stories brings a literary and artistic perspective on crumbling relationships, inviting contemplation and highlighting issues that are seldom discussed.
Each story belongs to one writer, accompanied by an illustrator and concludes with an expert commentary from Professor Radek Ptáček, offering sensitive and friendly advice to parents on how to handle the given situation and the child's emotions. Thus, a unique literary and artistic compilation has emerged, sparking discussions about family relationships that are breaking apart. Or rather, transforming into a different form.

a theatrical inscenation that travels around the Czech republic
"Divorce, or Within Acceptable Norms"
Calm above all, even if blood were to flow. A tragicomedy about everything you don't want to experience.

Three divorce cases intersect at one therapist's office. The story of a successful manager, a reconciliatory craftsman, and an enthusiast for a healthy lifestyle. Each one is entirely different, but they share one thing: their family relationships are falling apart, and they don't know what to do about it.
The play is inspired by real cases and supported by the expertise of Professor Radek Ptáček, a clinical psychologist. However, all other portrayals of individuals, relationships, and situations are a work of artistic fiction.

The play is co-organized by the project "Servis Rodiny" (Family Service) of the non-profit organization WOMEN FOR WOMEN.

Screenplay and Dramaturgy: Martina Kinská 
Concept: Radek Ptáček 
Direction: Jiří Š. Hájek Expert 
collaboration on the screenplay: Radek Ptáček, Kateřina Čepicová 
Set and Costume Design: Agnieszka Pátá-Oldak 
Music: David Hlaváč 
Light Design: Daniel Rejchrt 
Production: Ila Š. Hájková / Lenka Foltýnová 
Photography: Jarmila Štuková 

Characters and Cast: 
MICHAL, psychologist: Michal Kern 
DITA, manager: Ivana Machalová / Diana Šoltýsová 
SYLVA, green widow: Šárka Kubíková / Lucie Pernetová 
KAREL, carpenter: Petr Halíček / Marek Pospíchal 

Duration of the performance: 70 minutes without intermission
Premiere: June 1st and 2nd, 2022, at the Švandovo Theatre in Smíchov.

I have designed the book cover and layout of the chapters as well as the website, posters, invitations and social media posts.

more about the project at:
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